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Groot is the Integrated Development Environment to build and debug Behavior Trees. It allows you to:

  • Create and edit trees, using a drag and drop interface.
  • Monitor the state of a tree remotely in real-time.
  • Debug and test your behaviors (new in version 2)

Groot 2 is under development (preview now available)

We are reimaginging Groot to be easier to use and more scalable, focusing in particular on the needs of industrial and professional users.
If you use BT.CPP and Groot professionally, contact us and we will be happy to help.

groot 2

Which version of Groot is the right for you?

pro Groot 2.X

Groot 2 is the professional successor of Groot, focusing on improved user experience, debuggability and scalability.
It introduces advanced tools to support the entire development cycle, from conception to validation.

Under development: you can download the free editor.

pro Groot 1.0

Groot is the original open source editor for BT.CPP.
It is not under active development anymore, but it is still a great option for users who are using BehaviorTree.CPP 3.8 and need real-time visualization.

Groot 1.0Groot 2.x
BehaviorTree.CPP compatibility3.84.X
Open Sourceyesno
Actively developednoyes
Commercial supportnoyes
Tree EditorFreeFree
Multi-file projects
Support for BT.CPP 4 pre/post conditions
Realtime MonitoringFreeCommercial
Realtime Debugging:
  • Add breakpoints at run-time
  • Visualize the content of the Blackboard
  • Nodes mocking and automated tests
  • Add fault injection

Download Groot 2

Version: 0.8.0 (beta-8, 2023-05-31)