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BehaviorTree.CPP 4.6

The C++ library to build Behavior Trees.
Batteries included.

behavior tree animation

Think in terms of Actions,
not states

Unlike state machines, behavior trees emphasize executing actions, not transitioning between states.

Build extensible and
hierarchical behaviors

Behavior Trees are composable. You can build complex behaviors reusing simpler ones.

The power of C++,
the flexibility of scripting

Implement your Actions in C++ and assemble them into trees using a scripting language based on XML.

Perfect for robotics
and automation

BehaviorTree.CPP is increasingly used to implement Task Planning in a large variety of robotics systems, including:

  • Automated Ground Vehicles
  • Robotic Manipulators
  • Humanoid and Quadruped robots
  • Semi-autonomous drones
  • Social Robots

Visual Editing and Monitoring

Groot2 is our "IDE for Behavior Trees".
It allows users to visualize, create and edit Behavior Trees, using a simple drag and drop interface.
Trees can be monitored in real-time

About Groot2

Software and Technical Support

BehaviorTree.CPP is Open Source software and can be download for free on Github.
You can ask questions and reach other users in our community forum.
If you are using BehaviorTree.CPP in your commercial product and you need support, contact us!

behavior tree animation